About Me

Hello! I’m Sara, Doula, hypnobirthing practitioner and mum to 4 wonderfully wild children! I love dancing in my kitchen with no bra on, muddy walks, Yorkshire tea, baths that are too hot, crafting, babies and hiding in the bathroom eating the kids chocolate.

I’m Yorkshire born and bred and have settled with my lovely family in Yeadon, Leeds. I was made redundant and then found myself pregnant and it completely changed everything – I haven’t stopped having babies and supporting families since!

My Story

After feeling disapointed and unprepared with my first birth experience I went looking for ways in which I could be in control and that is when I found Natal Hypnotherapy. At first I was a bit unsure as I envisioned it to be a person chanting while I swayed and put rose quartz in places I would have never thought to put it. But I was surprised that hypnobirthing wasn’t this at all.

I especially loved the fact the Natal Hypnotherapy course was evidence based. What I learnt changed everything, I felt so prepared, powerful and confident in my body and my baby. I used Natal Hypnotherapy techniques in the 3 births after this. Each and every birth experience is unique but the core principles of Natal Hypnotherapy meant I stayed in control despite any curveballs that were thrown my way.

Following this I decided I would train to become a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner. I wanted to help birthing people realise how powerful their bodies and minds can be. How giving birth can feel amazing. Helping support families gain that confidence, and letting go of some of the fears. 

With lots of personal experience in the antenatal world of being a pregnant woman with added complications, I found some of my care had been amazing but equally some of it had been pretty dire, and it makes such a difference to your experience when you are supported and surrounded by people who really listen and care about what you want and what is best for you.

This meant I became very passionate about supporting people myself and help them find that empowerment from within to enable them to have the birth they want, make choices that are right for them and their family and not ones that are right for other people or fit within a system. I did what I did with my pregnancy, birth and beyond because it worked for us as a family, and I wanted to help others do what works for them. Which brought me pretty naturally to the world of being a doula.
I trained with the amazing Nurturing Birth family and one of the first things I was told was “We are born as Doulas”. It made total sense – I have always been a doula, it is something inside of me that is so natural and essentially part of who I am. I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing than supporting families at the most precious, emotional time of their lives. Being asked to be a part of that journey…incredible.  

Following all my training, Happy Birthing was born (pun intended). That feeling of disappointment I felt after my first birth is one far too many people are feeling and with Happy Birthing I want to empower and enable birthing women, I want you to feel positive and prepared beforehand and happy with yourself afterwards. I want you to have made informed decisions that are right for you and your baby and to realise you did everything in your power to have the birth you wanted. And however your baby is born – you absolutely smashed it!