Birth Partner Toolkit

As a birth partner you need to be prepared, I feel like this is the case now more than ever with greater restrictions on who can go into hospital, so I created my birth partner toolkit. This 2 hour webinar will give you, as a birth partner, tips, tools and techniques for supporting during labour, birth and in the early days. Book on to one of my monthly slots below or please get in touch if you would like to do a 1-2-1 personalised birth partner course. 

What's Included

A 2 hour webinar run live by myself packed with advice, tips and techniques for you as a birth partner to use during labour, birth and beyond. You should come away from this session feeling prepared to be the best birth partner you can be, ready to support the person giving birth while maintaining control in any situations that may arise.

What do I get?

Here are the main things covered in the webinar plus loads more….

In these two hours as well as plenty of practical advice and physical techniques for you to learn, you will also discover how you are a key part of the whole labour process and its progression as a walking booster of oxytocin (the hormone needed to create contractions).

You can ask any specific questions for me to answer in the chat, or just listen and take it all in.

We learn about the different birth hormones, how to use the fact that a birth partner contributes to oxytocin production and what this means in the process, and which other hormones you can encourage / discourage and when.

We go in depth into different physical techniques you can use during labour.

We talk through different ways you can support emotionally.

Find out how you can read a room and what you can do to improve a situation.

Learn how you can work together with the medical team to ensure yourself and the birthing person feel supported, informed and can make appropriate decisions.

Find out ways that you can remain calm; it can be so tough for a birth partner, so knowing how to keep yourself feeling relaxed and in control means that you will be in the best position to support. 

It is really important to know that this isn’t about moulding you into something else. You likely will have been asked to be a birth partner because the person giving birth needs YOU. This webinar will just enable you to be a more supportive and informed you!

Opportunity to ask any questions via the chat that you have around the webinar content or any specific concerns.

After the session you will recieve a downloadable / printable sheet of key points, tools and techniques you can use and things to remember for supporting during labour and the birth.

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The webinar is run once a month on a Monday from 19:30-21:30, pick the month and date that works for you below and book your slot now.

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