Covid-19 Safety

I have taken an online Covid-19 hygiene and safety course to ensure all my clients can feel safe and secure that they are being treated with the highest level of precaution if we are meeting in-person.

Currently my hypnobirthing courses and my birth partner tool kit are predominantly running online, though if you’d prefer to book my 1-2-1 hypnobirthing course at your home this is still possible under current guidelines and can be carried out with all the preventative measures in place

Doula Support During Covid-19

Booking & Meet-ups

Once we have had the initial free consultation via video call, if you decide to book me you then have the option of having your antenatal meet-ups via video call or in person. If you choose for this to be in person then meeting outside is preferable, but I am also happy to come to your home. I will wear a mask, visor and keep a 2m distance to minimise any risk; you have the option to wear a mask but it is your home so I will not insist on this.

If you or I test positive, are in an isolation period or are showing signs of Covid then the meet-ups will have to be via video call in these circumstances. Unfortunately this can’t be helped by either side but everything that is covered in person will still be covered online, it may take a little longer but at no extra charge.

Hospital Births

Unfortunately, at the moment if you are planning a hospital birth within the Leeds Trust they are only allowing 1 birth partner in to hospital, so if you have a significant other, friend or relation as a birth partner you will perhaps want them to be the one there. If you would like me as your sole birth partner, or your birth partner can’t make it, I am more than happy to come to hospital with you.

If these restrictions are still in place by the time you go into labour I can come to your home as soon as you would like me to in the early stages, get you comfortable and focused and support you until you go to hospital (I will stay masked and can keep 2m distance throughout if you request me to be)

When you do transfer to hospital I can:

  • Get your home ready for when you return with your newborn baby
  • Look after any other children you may have until other support you might have arranged arrives
  • Support you remotely – see my remote doula support page for how I can support remotely during these times

Home Births

If you are planning a home birth, I and whoever else you choose to be there will be able to be present throughout, I will remain masked, can keep 2m distance and take any other precautions as per your preferences. In the eventuality you choose to be transferred to hospital the same applies as above.

If you or I test positive, are in an isolation period or are showing signs of Covid then my support will change to remote, this includes unlimited hours from that first contraction to when you are holding baby.

General Thoughts & Concerns

Please get in touch if you have any questions or worries regarding Covid-19 and your birth and I will do my best to support you however I can.

Please let me know if you or anyone else attending the birth have symptoms – if I come to your home and someone is showing symptoms I will need to leave and I wouldn’t want this to disrupt your birth further.

While of course I want to attend your birth the safety of both yourself and of my family is incredibly important.