Hypno-Doula Support

My hypno-doula support includes everything you get with my birth doula support as well as a bespoke 1-2-1 hypnobrithing course. As a hypno doula I also provide live hypnobirthing support and guidance during labour and birth using all the techniques learnt on the course, as well as the option of guided live hypnosis throughout, working with your personalised safespace and visualisations.

How I Can Support You

My hypno-doula support is £895 and includes the following:

During Pregnancy:

We will use this time to talk in depth about what you would like my support to look like in the birth room. We can go through things you might not have thought about, options you might not know you have, so that you and any birth partner feel more prepared and confident for the birth.

1 session is typically dedicated to life after birth, working through how things are going to look in the first few weeks and what life with a growing family might be like.

My personalised 1-2-1 hypnobirthing course for you and your birth partner, run at a time to suit you. You can choose to do this online (via zoom) or in person at your house, whatever works best for you. Find out more about my hypnobirthing courses here.

Together we can make an ideal birth plan. Birth can throw curveballs though so I like to get down key things that are important to you so that we can try and make sure these wishes are listened to in any birth scenario. Importantly we will also talk through any worries you might have, and how we can address these.
You may notice that once you are pregnant people tend to give you advice based on what worked for them. I will provide you with solid evidence based information so that you are best placed to understand your options and make informed choices that will work best for you and your family.

Every person, family and baby are unique, it is what makes the world such an amazing place. It also means that I make sure my support is completely tailored to you and your wants and needs throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

I want you to feel empowered, I am just there for you to rely on as / when you need me and to ensure you feel safe and supported throughout. Wherever or however you decide you want to give birth, I will support you.

A dedicated WhatsApp chat (or your prefered method of contact) so you can message me anytime for any questions or concerns that may come up. Even if it’s in the middle of the night sometimes it helps to just write it down so you can get some sleep and I will come back to you ASAP after reading the message.
I go on call 24/7 from 38 weeks until baby decides when they are coming, so as soon as you need me my bag will be packed and I’ll be ready to be straight with you.
I will be there for you with no judgements. My whole focus will be on you, giving you time and space to talk, think and process.

For the Birth:

Only you will know when you want me to come and this will be different for everyone. As soon as you ask me to come I will be ready to go.

I will listen to you and support you however you need in the moment. We will have already chatted about how you would like me to support you beforehand but this can change and I’m flexible.

I will be listening to what is going on and ensuring you understand relevant information, so you can talk to the medical team about your options and make informed decisions.

As a Hypno-doula I will support and guide you with all the techniques learnt on the course, I can also do live guided hypnosis during contractions using your personal safespace and visualisations you will have created on the course. 

My support is completely tailored to you throughout, so whatever you need in the labour / birthing room I will have you covered.

Some families may want me to do more practical things like keeping the birth pool at the right tempreture or making cups of tea,  so that the birth partner can focus solely on you. Other people would want me to hold their hand and take on a more physical role. 

I can also take birth photography (at no extra cost) if this is something you would like.

Some people like to be massaged, or like the use of Sacral Pressure, some just like having a hand to hold throughout or to give your birth partner time to nip out to the loo.

I can help support you physically however you want or need, including helping you get into different postions to make you more comfortable.

Emotional support is vital, having someone there who has your back, knows what really matters to you and who won’t pass judgement is underated.

I will be there for you with compassion, empathy and words of encouragement. I will motivate and uplift you, really listen to your wants and needs and I will never stop believing in you and any decisions you make along the way.

I will also be there for birth partners too, to help them feel encouraged and supported.

Ultimately I want you and anyone else in the room to feel relaxed, safe and supported as this will have a positive impact on the birth. That is you, any birth partner(s) and the medical team too. I want your baby to be born into the most amazing, harmonious room full of oxytocin – I might even get my guitar out*

I will stay with you until you feel happy and settled, feeding baby and you are ready for me to go.

*disclaimer – I can only play one tune terribly and I know for a fact you wouldn’t want me to play it after giving birth.

Whats in the bag? Everything we could ever need…

Mary Poppins has got nothing on me.

After the Birth:

This session is 2-3 hours which you can choose to use as you please.

I can come and listen, giving you the opportunity to debrief the birth if you would like. Or you might want me to hold or sling the baby so you can get some rest. Have a look at my postnatal doula page to give you more of an idea as to what you might like this time to be used for. 

I can also run a personalised live guided hypnosis session to give you time to relax and unwind if you would like this.

If you decide you would like more postnatal sessions added on I will do my absolute best to be able to be there for you if I am free.

You will have me in your pocket for those first 2 weeks to support you and signpost you additional information. The WhatsApp chat (or your chosen method of communication) is open for this time to use if you have any questions at all.

Areas Covered

Based in Yeadon, I provide my hypno-doula services in Leeds, West Yorkshire and some of North Yorkshire including the following areas:

  • Leeds (most LS post codes)
  • Harrogate
  • Wetherby
  • Otley
  • Ilkley
  • Skipton
  • The Yorkshire Dales

Extra Support

If you feel like you need additional support I can tailor my support to your needs. That might include:

Please book a free consultation below or get in touch if you would like to discuss what my support could look like for you.

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