Remote Doula Support

Feeling safe and supported throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond is so important but in recent times Covid-19 has taken so much away and really limited our access to this basic human need for support. If you find yourself wanting doula support but you are not allowed two birthing partners or you have Covid-19, if you are not comfortable meeting in person or you simply aren’t within driving distance – I provide remote doula support in pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally. Think of me as a doula in your pocket.

How I Can Support You

My remote doula support is £90 per 4 hours, you can book as many 4 hour blocks as you want which can be used at any point and you can top it up at any time if you feel like you need more support.  

Here’s a few ways you might want to use my remote support:

During Pregnancy:

Together we can make an ideal birth plan. Birth can throw curveballs though so I like to get down key things that are important to you so that we can try and make sure these wishes are listened to in any birth scenario. Importantly we will also talk through any worries you might have, and how we can address these.
You may notice that once you are pregnant people tend to give you advice based on what worked for them. I will provide you with solid evidence based information so that you are best placed to understand your options and make informed choices that will work best for you and your family.
We can discuss all about life after birth, what life with a growing family might look like, what support you have available and how this is going to work.

Every person, family and baby are unique, it is what makes the world such an amazing place. It also means that I make sure my support is completely tailored to you and your wants and needs throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

I want you to feel empowered, I am just there for you to rely on as / when you need me and to ensure you feel safe and supported throughout.

I will be there for you with no judgements. My whole focus will be on you, giving you time and space to talk, think and process.

For the Birth:

I will listen to and support you and your birth partner however you need from a distance.

You can contact me if you are unsure of your options or to make sure you understand any information given. You can then talk to the medical team about other options, making sure your decisions are informed ones. 

Physically I can’t be there to rub your back or make you a cup of tea but I can guide your birth partner giving them ideas to try like massage techniques that might help.

I can also suggest different postions and other exercises to help make you more comfortable.

Emotional support is vital, having someone who has your back, knows what really matters to you and who won’t pass judgement is underated.

I will be there for you with compassion, empathy and words of encouragement. I will motivate and uplift you, really listen to your wants and needs and I will never stop believing in you and any decisions you make along the way.

I will also be there for birth partners too, to help them feel encouraged and supported.

This can all be done remotely

If you are practicing hypnobirthing I can provide reminders as well as guided personalised visualisations and using your safe spaces (assuming you have been on my hypnobirthing course) 

After the Birth:

I can just listen as you debrief the birth or talk through any other concerns with you.

You can ask me any questions to do with your newborn and I will provide you with information and point you in the right direction of other organisations that might be able to help you. 

Extra Support

If you feel like you need additional support I can tailor my support to your needs. That might include:

Please book a free consultation below or get in touch if you would like to discuss what my support could look like for you.

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