Group Online Hypnobirthing Course

My group online hypnobirthing course is run once a month via zoom for a maximum of 6 couples. You will get the opportunity to learn from other peoples questions and virtually meet families due to have babies around the same time as you. The hypnosis sessions are all held with cameras off so that you will each be able to fully relax into the sessions.

What's Included

A virtual group hypnobirthing course run live by myself via Zoom giving you the opportunity to ask questions, learn from others and benefit from a fuller hypnobirthing experience and a better understanding of the techniques than you would get from a pre-recorded course on your own.

What do I get 

Here are the main things covered in the course plus loads more….

I trained with the RCM (Royal College of Midwives) accredited Natal Hypnotherapy; created by Maggie Howell the course is evidenced based, down to earth and easy to follow.

The course is done in real time, meaning that any questions you have you can ask along the way.

During the course we will have 5 hypnosis sessions. 

You will be asked beforehand to set up a cosy place for you to feel relaxed (usually your bedroom). I will ask you to turn your camera off, as I will do with mine, so you won’t feel observed and can fully relax into the sessions. 

You will get an introduction to hypnosis, how it works and how it will help you in pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Learn how to let go of fear and create a calm birth cycle, and how to get back into that cycle if it gets disturbed

Often we have witnessed only one type of labour as it can be seen as more entertaining. You will see different clips of people using the Hypnobirthing techniques which are pretty incredible (one tears me up everytime!)

Learn how to get into deep relaxation and completely switch your mind off.  

You will discover how to create and personalise:

  • Visualisations
  • Your special place
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Affirmations

We work though where people’s perceptions of birth have come from, how we have got to where we are today and how we can let go of pre-conceptions to prevent them having a negative impact during labour and birth.

We will explore the physiology of birth and how you are physically made to give birth in more detail, looking at the intricate cocktail of hormones that enable us to give birth and how we can work with them and boost them when in labour. 

We cover how to make informed decisions around induction and the different methods of induction. 

We explore the different phases of birth and what they look like, as well as practical techniques you can use during each stage. 

Here we look at the many things your birth partner can do to support you physically, emotionally and mentally throughout.

We explore how you can best work with a medical team in your birth space and make informed decisions.

After the course you will get a code to download the hypnosis tracks for you to keep and use throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natal recovery, as well as a hypnobirthing e-book. (worth £65)

Book your Group Course

Select a monthly group slot to book from the calendar below. I recommend booking in for around 28-30 weeks gestation though anytime up until 36 weeks is fine. If you can’t find a date that works for you my 1-2-1 online course might work better, or please get in touch to discuss what I can do.

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